I know someone out there in the Art World has posted something exactly or similar to what I am about to say but I’m going to say it anyway.
ART! DRAWING! Creating things with your mind and pushing them out with your hands (or feet as I have seen over the years) is a truly wonderful thing. If you as an individual, feel like you are failing as an artist because you are not getting the exposure, recognition, or SELLS that you feel you should be getting than guess what! You are doing it for all the wrong reasons!
I am certain that the artists of history i.e. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael or Titian, did not start out thinking “I’m going to make myself filthy rich if I become an artist!”
They created art because they loved it. It came from within, from the heart and soul of their being. Yes, some if not all of them, had a muse to push their creative juices but nevertheless they painted for the love of it.
I started scribbling last year as part of InkTober and I loved every second, minute, hour, and day of that month as I had the opportunity to put pencil to paper and let my hands bring the pages to life. Yes, I felt like a kindergartener in that first week. Fresh and not much knowledge about strokes and styles, much less anatomy but I had the energy and excitement driving me to push that pencil to create some images and so I did.
As with illustration, I firmly believe that the same is applied to music, sculpting, and every other Art Form out there. Do it because you are passionate about it. DO NOT do it because you feel its another career path you have to make happen. 

Nights with Kevin Smith

Reflecting on the past 2 nights!
     I’ve seen and met my share of celebrities in my life, starting from a very young age. I saw Mario Moreno (CANTINFLAS, for those who don’t know his real name) when I was just a kid living in Dallas. I was probably 8 years old at the time. For those of you from the Mexican culture, or just in general the Hispanic community, you will understand how big a deal it was for me to see a comedic and film legend like Cantinflas. I was starstruck and I was in the nosebleed seats of the theater.
     Anyways, lets stay on track! My next star encounter was the great SHO KOSUGI when I was a member of the Boys & Girls Club in East Dallas. I know for a fact that I have friends and fellow peers who are huge fans of the martial arts world and films of the 80s, like myself. This was such a hardcore fanboy moment for me. There I was, an 11-year-old boy watching Sho Kosugi doing a floor routine with a Katana in his hands and just blowing the minds of every kid in that venue!
     Next I had the honor and privilege of meeting the legendary PETER GRAVES during my freshman year in high school. I was attending the Science & Engineering Magnet School in Dallas at the time and even though I had only been watching the reruns of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE I knew who this man was before they even announced him. Sadly most of my classmates were like “Who is that crusty old fart?” No fucking respect at all! Of course the school had a TV crew lined up as he was filming a PBS segment for a new program they were going to air but to me I was just blown away by the fact that Peter Graves was standing in my Engineering classroom! 
     Since I immersed myself back into the comic & multi-media convention scene I’ve had the good fortune of meeting not only celebrities of the small and big screen but also the ROCKSTARS of my nerdy life. To me comic book creators and creative teams who have worked and continue to work on great books/series are the true celebrities of my life. Everyone from the writers to the letterers and pencillers to the colorists. I can honestly say that the DIVA Complex applies to the Comic Con scene as it does to the Hollywood scene. Each world has its own select group that thinks their shit doesn’t stink and that they deserve special treatment at shows. I personally try to not even go near folks like that because to me it’s like they are toxic to my good nature and I don’t want them to ruin my positive vibe.
     Anyways, my point in this tale of tales is that I really appreciate the moments I’ve had and hope to continue to have with those rockstars of my world that show us, their fans, that they are just as human and humble  as the next person. I love that I got to meet and have lengthy and amazing conversations with the likes of Mike Baron(creator of Badger & Nexus), amazing illustrator Mark A. Nelson (, Bob Hall(famed Marvel Comics artist), Joyce DeWitt(star of the 80s show-ThreesCompany), and the late Rose Siggins(Legless Suzi from American Horror Story: Freakshow). All of them down to earth and very deserving of all the respect they so rightly deserve.
I spent the last two nights with Kevin Smith as part of his A Night With Kevin Smith Tour.  I had some awesome friends (Jack&Cass) tell me ahead of time that seeing Kevin live and on stage was going to be epic but like all things in life I take them with a grain of salt and just wait until I see it with my own eyes. Well let me tell you all, Kevin Smith is a true rockstar of my nerdy world. Getting to hear his stories of his filming and writing adventures were just Balls-To-Walls AWESOME! What made it awesome for me was that it was great to see that his stage show didn’t feel rehearsed. He’s literally sharing life moments with all of us and just shooting from the hip. After all, he’s only answering the questions that the fans ask him. He tells you upfront that he may answer 5 to 10 questions or he may only answer 1 or 2. Nevertheless he puts on a great performance and the audience is listening!
I have to say that Tuesday’s show in Denver was much more heartfelt and even though I laughed like everyone else, the stories he shared with all of us about James Jacks (Producer of The Mummy series of films) were just INCREDIBLE!
Then he does it again on Wednesday night in Colorado Springs at the Fine Arts Center when he shares a story about Johnnie Depp and his role in Kevin’s movie TUSK. Absolutely spectacular moments of laughter and joy.
Thank you Kevin! I hope that I can continue to meet and see truly amazing people like yourself in the years to come.
If you are reading this at a fairly decent time and you have not seen Kevin Smith on stage then by all means get your ass online and see if you can catch one of his shows before his tour ends.
Time to get my ass to the gym and sweat some of this bar food off of me!
Hope to see you all back for my next adventure in writing.
Founder/Owner- Lair of Wonders Productions
“You’re Imagination Has No Limit!”